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Propane Delivery Services in Hamilton

The Source now offers propane delivery in Hamilton right to your front door! Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial business, or a farmer, we can bring a supply of propane right to your location.

Serving the Greater Hamilton Area, including Ancaster, Burlington, Brantford, Cambridge, Stoney Creek, and all surrounding areas (too numerous to note), we supply and install propane tanks either by direct purchase or we will rent with an affordable annual fee. This service is provided by our own licensed technicians on staff, not by sub-contractors. All tanks come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Give us a call today to request a quote.

We guarantee the lowest prices available. You can buy a new propane tank or rent one for a period of time.

****Please note – we do not sell or fill barbeque tanks or 100lb tanks****

We offer numerous sizes depending on your requirements.

Impressive Experience

“From the moment I had contact with The Source it has been one impressive experience after another! Mark and Don did an amazing job today…..I am really impressed …..and very happy! Jeff and I have been at Cedars for 35 years and KNOW EVERYBODY.  I will be posting my experience on our web site and telling everyone who to go too for all propane services!”

420 Litres (Bubba) – rent/buy

Height: 53″
Diameter: 30″
Weight: 272 lbs.
Footring: 22″ diameter
Capacity: 465 Litres

420 litres propane tank
500 gallon propane tank

1000 gallon – available to purchase only

Height: 52″
Length: 16′
Diameter: 41″
Leg spacing: 121″
Capacity: 3785 Litres

500 gallon – rent/buy

Height: 46″
Length: 9′ 11″
Diameter: 37″
Weight: 946 lbs.
Leg spacing: 60″
Capacity: 1892 Litres

1000 gallon propane tank

Propane tank purchase or rental

Prospective propane customers often have the option of either buying or leasing a propane tank for their needs. There are pros and cons for both the rental and purchase of propane tanks that should be taken into consideration when deciding between buying a tank or leasing one. Additionally, propane companies have differing policies that factor into the decision of whether to rent or buy.

Buying a Propane Tank – New Tank Purchase

Purchasing a propane tank is more common than renting one in some parts of the country. A propane tank purchase price will generally include the piping from the tank to the house as well as all regulators, fittings, gas and other installation related parts. These costs associated with a tank purchase are common throughout the propane industry and are explained to customers prior to the installation. Most companies will not sell and install a tank without filling it with propane. Nor will a dealer sell a tank to an unlicensed individual for installation by themselves. If choosing to buy, the gas company selling the tank will likely have financing available for qualified buyers or the tank can be paid for at the time of installation. One of the primary advantages of buying and owning the tank is that the customer can buy propane from whatever gas company they choose. Other issues to consider with buying a propane tank:

  • Tank financing is often available with approved credit.
  • Warranty on tank, parts and labour should be discussed with the propane company prior to purchase.
  • Propane prices sometimes differ for customers that own their own tank.
  • Selling your home doesn’t burden the next owner with acquiring propane service as the tank is part of the sale.

Propane Tank Rental – Leasing a Tank

Leasing a propane tank is an option that many potential customers have, provided they meet certain requirements. Many propane companies require a minimum annual propane usage, a certain number of appliances be on propane or total BTU load is at or above a minimum threshold. For example, a company may require three or more propane appliances in order to lease a tank but standards such as these vary widely by company and by region. Also, propane tanks are generally leased to creditworthy applicants so expect the propane company to perform a credit check prior to approval. Know that all piping, fittings, parts and connections are purchased by the customer and cannot be rented. Several things to think about if renting a tank is an option:

  • Company-owned tanks are maintained by the propane company so any repairs to the tank will generally be taken care of by the propane company.
  • All propane must be purchased from the company that owns the tank. Buying gas from another company will result in the termination of the tank lease.
  • Most propane companies require that rental tanks are filled by scheduled delivery (automatic filling) which is much safer and protective of the customer.
  • Propane companies pay very close attention to their lease tanks for their customers’ protection as well as their own.
  • Lease tank contracts often give the propane company the legal right to enter the property to inspect the tank.
  • Moving to a new home will require you to notify your propane company of your relocation.

Our computer system is state of the art and ensures prompt delivery before you have a chance to run out of fuel and find yourself without heat.

Please feel free to call the propane department at 905-627-4147 if you have any inquiries regarding cost or availability.


Anatomy of a propane tank

Anatomy of a propane tank

Please note, we will not deliver to barbecue tanks nor will we deliver to another company’s tank.

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